Core elements of Previsto

Core elements


An organization is the company that needs effective planning to occur. Any other element is part of an organization and restricted to that organization. No one without access to the organization can access data contained in the organization.

Any user can however be part of one or more organizations and switch between the organization to work with.

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A Contact is an entity that the organization keeps contact information for (fx. customer, vendor etc.). Contacts can be applied to servie agreements and tasks. Contacts can be synchronized with an accounting system and even invoice the contacts for completed work if needed.

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An employee is a user in the organization that work can be planned for.

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A task is work that needs to be done. A Contact can be applied to it as the client who wants the work done and it can assigned to an employee that must complete the task.

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Service agreements

A service agreement is a definition of recurring work to be done. It defines the agreement made with the client about the interval, service window etc. and in turn creates tasks accordig to the agreement. The service agreement itself is never planned, but it is the foundation for tasks automatically generated and planned according to the agreement.

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