Efficiently notify customers via email with our integrated notification system. Effortlessly keep them informed and engaged with timely updates, automated and personalized messages, and essential service information. Boost customer satisfaction and engagement effortlessly with our email notification system.


Send Notifications Via

Flexible notification options: You can easily choose how you send your notifications.


Send Notifications Automatically When

Automatically send notifications for completed tasks and impending tasks (3 days in advance). You have flexibility to choose between a pre-designed system template or create your own personalized template for your messages.


Adjust notifications

Include service windows in your notifications to inform customers of the estimated time of arrival. When activated, tasks that are notified in advance will automatically include a service window when the notification is sent.

Personalize notifications by adding a specific signature or a brief, targeted message at the bottom of each message. Tailor your communication to include all necessary information and make a lasting impression.


Contact Settings

The "Notifications" section allows you to configure how notifications are sent to the contact. This section consists of three parts:

  1. "Use the organization's general settings" Checkbox: If checked, this option utilizes the default notification settings specified in the organization's general settings. Enabling this checkbox hides the other parts in this section, as the contact will follow the predefined notification preferences.

  2. "Delivery Methods": In this part, you can choose the preferred delivery method for sending notifications.

  3. "Autogenerated Notifications": This part provides an automated notification feature based on task scheduling. It generates and sends notifications automatically, either three days before a task starts or after the completion of a task. These autogenerated notifications ensure timely reminders and updates are sent to the contact.