This documentation page provides a guide on managing members within an organization. Learn how to invite new members, adjust security, work hours, absence and more.



The overview of members in your organization lists the current members. Outstanding invitations will be listed here as well. From the overview you have access to:

  • inviting new members
  • manage security settings
  • adjust member settings

Inviting a member

When you want to invite a new member to your organization you simply click the button Invite member. This will open a dialog that allows you to enter the email of your new member and the security access. Invite a new member

Remark: The email is also the email-address that the new member will need to use for logging in.

Adjusting security settings

To adjust the security settings you click the little shield by the member you want to adjust the security settings for. Click shield to open security settings

A dialog will open allowing you to select the security role the memeber should have (You can read more about the different roles here). You can also remove the member from your organization.

Manage security settings

Adjusting member settings

Each member has it own settings for how work is planned. The adjustable settings covers:

  • address / location
  • work hours
  • absence


Adjust location

It's possible to adjust the location used for planning for each member. You can choose to use:

  • the address specified for the organization
  • the address specified in the members profile
  • a specific address

Work hours


Each member has its own work schedule. You can define which days in the week a member works and which hours.

You can also define whether the member works on public holidays or not.


A work schedule cannot always be followed as time goes. People need vacation and gets sick from time to time. They may even have recurring days off that aren't on a weekly basis (fx. semi-weekly days off). It is possible to define that kind of absences in the absence area.

Absence overview

The absences calendar gives you an overview over the member's absences. You can add new absences at any time.

Ad absence

User roles

This section describe the security roles the members can have.


Data TypeDescription
ContractsCan read and write (excluding prices).
CustomersCan read and write related to assigned tasks.
TasksCan read and write (excluding prices).


Data TypeDescription
ContractsCan read and write (excluding prices).
CustomersCan read and write.
TasksCan read and write (excluding prices).


Data TypeDescription
ContractsCan read and write.
CustomersCan read and write.
TasksCan read and write.
Company SettingsCan read and write (excluding changing user roles).
Customer GroupsCan read and write.


Administrators have access to and can edit all company data.