Service Agreements

With service agreements, recurring tasks with the same description and price are created. When a service agreement is created or modified, tasks are automatically generated according to the service agreement.

Contact information

A contact must always be specified on a service agreement. When you create a service agreement, you can search for the customer the service agreement should apply to. The address will automatically reflect the contact's address.

If you need the service agreement to have a different delivery address than the customer's own address (and the tasks must therefore be carried out at a different address), you can select that and specify the delivery address. Kontaktoplysninger


A service agreement requires a description of the task to be carried out continuously. You can also specify the duration for which the task must be planned and the customer's price for the task. The tasks created for the service agreement will have the specified description, duration and price. Kontaktoplysninger

Notes and message

The service agreement can, in connection with each task that is planned, indicate messages that must be given to the customer and notes that must be visible to employees.

The messages to the customer will be included in any notifications sent to the customer - either before the work is carried out or when the work is carried out. Kontaktoplysninger


Previsto supports very detailed rules for scheduling service agreements. You can e.g. indicate:

  • Whether the service agreement is supplementary (only plans tasks together with other tasks at the customer)
  • Date of the start of the service agreement
  • How often the service agreement must be repeated (e.g. every first Monday of the month)
  • When the service agreement must end
  • Whether the tasks must be planned flexibly (so that the system can better optimize the planning)
  • Which employees can carry out the tasks

Supplementary service agreement

When a service agreement is supplementary, the tasks will only be scheduled on dates where there are already tasks with the customer.


Text written in this field will be visible to the employee, but not to the customer.