Route Planning Software for Cleaning

Planning tasks for Cleaning jobs can be difficult. You want to spend less time driving and more time working but it is difficult to create optimal plans. And even if you manage to generate some optimal plans, then changes to your workforce or list of customers requires you to redo it again and again.

But with Previsto you can regain you overview and make effective planning that lets you create and keep optimal routes which means less time in the, less money spent on fuel and more time for actual work.

This guide helps your get started planning with Previsto specifically tailored for cleaning. While Previsto does support planning multiple types of work, this guide will concentrate on the requirements for route planning in the Cleaning industry.

In each section below you will get an insight into different aspects Previsto. You can choose to watch the video embedded in each section, read a concise summary, or click the link for more detailed information.

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How to Create and Organize Contacts

You will need some Contacts in Previsto first. These will be your Customers and will hold details like Contact information and more. You can easily create and organize your contacts into groups to make your customer list more manageable.

Utilize Contacts in Previsto to gain an overview of the companies and/or individuals you work with on a daily basis. The list view provides a sorted overview with detailed information, while the map view offers a visual representation of their locations. Efficiently organize contacts by creating groups, and easily manage them through drag-and-drop functionality.

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How to Create Service Agreements for your Route Planning

All the recurring work you have, can be creates as Service Agreements in Previsto. You can define a description, an interval, information relevant for the customer and the employee among more. When a service agreement has been created, tasks will automatically be planned for your in future.

Create service agreements for your recurring work and have Previsto create optimal plans for you. Add customer descriptions, detailed instructions for your members, and more. Specify even highly specialized intervals for customers with unique requirements.

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How to adapt your route planning on a day to day basis

Changes will come. People get sick. Cars break down. Customers cancel. With Previsto, you can easily make changes, and it takes care of updating routes for you, giving you a clear picture of everything.

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How to plan your routes according to Work Hours

Add Members and define their work hours, vacation and more to have the system adjust the plan accordingly.

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How to inform your Customers about Upcoming Cleaning

Stay connected with your customers effortlessly using Previsto's handy notifications feature. With just a few taps, you can automatically update your customers about the tasks you're handling for them along your routes. It's an easy and effective way to keep them in the know and enhance their experience with your services.

Efficiently notify customers via email with our integrated notification system. Effortlessly keep them informed and engaged with timely updates, automated and personalized messages, and essential service information. Boost customer satisfaction and engagement effortlessly with our email notification system.

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How to Integrate your Route Planning with an Accounting System for Automated Invoicing

Connect with accounting systems for automated invoicing of your company's completed work. Choose between sending fully booked invoices to your customers or creating drafts in your accounting system for later processing at your discretion.

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