Import contacts

You can import new contacts direectly from a CSV file. This page describes the format expected by the importer. The columns you can define in your CSV file are specified in the follwing sections.

Export from common programs

CSV files can be exported from popular application such as Google Sheets, Excel, Apple Numbers and other spreadsheet programs. Export the file as CSV in utf-8 format.

Customer number

The customer number is any reference you want to specify for this contact. The importer expects a string of no longer than 100 characters.

Name Required

This is the name of the contact, fx. John Doe.


This is the street address of the contact, fx. 1040 Fifth Avenue.


The apartment part of the address, fx. apt 75.

Postcal code

The post code part of the address, fx. 90210.


The city part of the adress, fx. Beverly Hills.

Country code Required

The 2-letter ISO-countrycode for the address. Must be a valid ISO-countrycode, fx US.

Phone number

The international phone nummber for the contact, fx. +1-212-963-2764. The number MUST include country code prefixed with a + sign, eg. +1.


A well-formed emailadress, fx.

Tax id

The tax id of the contact in the case it is a company.