Continuous Planning

Ensure optimal routes even when plans change during the day.

Plans changes - and then so should your routes

No matter how good you get at planning, changes will happen. Cars break down. Employees get sick. Customers require changes. And so your route should change to stay optimal.

But how do you ensure that. View the video to get an insight into how Previsto does it for you.

Video transcript

Previsto supports continuous planning, but what is that, and how can it help you? Maybe you've noticed when you create a great plan, sometimes it just changes. You have already sent the plan to your employees and then a customer calls and that changes everything. Because this customer can't wait till the end of the day and you need to send an employee there right away. How do you do it? Well, with Previsto it is very easy because it just does it for you. Let's take a look at how its done.

If you look at the screen behind me, you'll see a route that it already optimized. It's in Denmark at an island called Zealand and he is driving all over Zealand. If he just took it in this order, it would be the optimal way. But what if Jørgen calls and say 'I can't wait till the end of the day. You need to come right away. You need to come now.' So you send an employee there, and then what happens to the rest of the route? It changes everything. How do you ensure that you employee still gets the optimal route? You just do the changes, because Previsto does it for you. Let's emulate that he actually starts this task now. Notice what happens to the route then. So, it reoptimized the route here. It ensures that he goes to that customer first – it's put at the beginning of the day, and then it generated a new route from that. It created an optimal route based on the rest of the tasks on this day. Let's complete this task.

Maybe someone else calls and then what happens? Can you just continue t to these changes afterwards? Yeah of course you can. It is actually no issue at all in Previsto. Let's imagine that Rune calls, from the middle of nowhere. And you send the employee there, he starts the task and then notice what happens again. It regenerates the route, so it went to Jørgen first, goes to Rune, and then you have the rest of the tasks. And it created an optimal route for the rest for the tasks for the rest of the day.

So that is how you can ensure that you accomodate the changes you have during the day. No matter who calls, no matter the changes you have, you still need an optimal route. And Previsto with Continuous Planning creates the optimal route for you.